Arabic Letters Technology

Arabic Letters Technology

An interactive program

for learning & teaching 

Arabic letters for kids

arabic letters for kids
arabic letters resources

The Arabic Letters 


program is a digital interactive

educational tool for teachers

and parents that helps achieve

the educational goals and

facilitates the teaching and

learning processes.

Besides, it allows the learner to

enjoy the lesson and increases

positive participation and

valuable interaction.

The program contains 

28 lessons for (28) letters 

of the Arabic alphabet.

arabic lessons
animated story

Each lesson includes the following:

A visual, animated interesting

story, with sound effects and

a printed text that attracts

learners and draws their

attention to the subject

of the lesson.

Providing learners

with all the information

about the desired letter,

like various sounds and

forms, and then how

to write it,

through interactive pages

including pictures, audio

recordings, and music.

arabic letters sounds, forms & how to write
arabic letters activities

Applied activities aim to

activate, interact, and

verification the information

acquired by the learner.

Running an assessment

of the prescribed materials

to verify if

they achieved their goals,

providing opportunities for

feedback to learners, and

reviewing as necessary.

similar arabic letters

An attachment

that includes an activity

to compare similar letters.

It exists only in the files

of the letters

 (ن – ش – ذ – ز – ث – هـ – ح – خ

– ق – م – غ – ض – ك – ظ )

Teacher’s / Parent’s Guide

Possible Adoption

at the kindergarten,

the first base year,

and for children with

special needs.

Approved by

the Lebanese Republic –

Ministry of Education

and Higher Education

– Center for Research

and Development.